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Kotor bastila nude

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The nervousness she felt faded slightly at the answer, opting to better focus on feeling good with the man she had known for so long.

I would stare for a few moments, then get out of my room, jump off the nearest building, and hope that what I just saw was a dream and I'll safely wake up in my room ALONE. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Bastila sighed and decided to tell him what she knew of him so long ago, he deserved to know this and it was about tome that she told him everything anyway. Two lesbians making out hard. Kotor bastila nude. Namely since she wanted to know just what else she had to consider…but most of all…how she could show the full extent of how much Revan meant to her.

Kotor bastila nude

Hairy french ebony anal fucked. You had your say when we agreed on the terms. Couples Fucking on Nude Beach. But he restrained himself, and for two reasons, one he didn't want to hurt Bastila since the idea of him hurting her was completely repugnant to him and it had taken a lot of them for him to forgive himself for fighting her in the Temple and on the Star Forge.

But he never volunteered any information to Saul and the Admiral tortured them all, more to him. Then Malak betrayed Revan, opened fire on the ship's command bridge…And when she recovered, she knew that her companion Jedi were killed, she didn't waste time on wondering how she survived Malak's betrayal of Revan, but she knew that she did as the ship's particle fields contained the atmosphere for her survive.

This is a work in progress, so things may be tagged that do not yet appear and things may appear in later chapters that are not yet tagged will update the tags if they do Chapter time: That is not its only special trait. With the clothing pooling at her ankles she sat back to pull off one boot and then the other. Sexy lesbian ass licking. Again turning her back to Revan, Bastila, clad only in her brown bra and panties, reached back to release the clasp of her bra.

Jul 30, Posts: But the very very end, he's all of a sudden telling you he loves you. Thu Oct 28, 4: Fri Oct 29, 9: The Jedi Sentinel gulped a bit but she felt the excitement as she began to gently remove her lover's clothing, she wished that she was able to remain focused on what she was doing at this moment and as soon as she was done she blushed bright red at the sight of her lover naked before her, she gently ran her hands on his body, feeling the muscles there, the hot skin, the scars of his battles and his frame.

You constantly doing petty crimes and meaningless killings that really isn't satisfying. Revan looked at Bastila's full form and marveled at how she looked, it was hard on his self control when she wore her normal robes which fit her well, and even when she wore light armor on occasion, but now that he was seeing her beautiful form in this undeniably scandalous outfit, it was a miracle that he didn't pounce on her like a ravenous vornskr after a tasty meal.

The former Jedi revealed the truth to Revan and made the former Dark Lord recall the past and then the meeting she feared came to pass, where she would have to defend herself and the Council's actions on a comatose Revan all those months before. Keep me logged in Forgot Password?

I wanted to do it some more. Bastila could tell that Revan was utterly attracted to her in nearly every fashion, she could see and feel the physical desire in him both through her eyes and their Force Bond, but there was more than lustful passion there in the man she loved, there was awe, love, and more, and then Revan's words confirmed what she felt through their Force Bond.

Jan 11, Posts: Oh man, if Carth and the others hear this It was then that Revan spoke to her. Aug 31, Posts: She used the Jedi Code and tried hard to put those feelings aside, but he wasn't having any of it, he persisted, making her feel more angry and afraid, but also when he was there, she was safe and whole…he continued to break her resistance no matter how hard she tried, but it wasn't to hurt her, but to show that he too cared for her…and loved her, his feelings for her, she saw were not lies at all…but were strong, pure and sincere.

Mods have the final say. She only gave an understanding nod at the man as she gave a few licks to Revan's shaft, trying to get any remnant of his seed off of the tip.

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She had every right to let him die or finish him off for all he had done to the Republic and all the innocents that died by his orders…. Bastila smiled warmly as they kissed one another and soon got dressed and when they were done, the held each other's hands, no matter what the future held for them, they were going to face it together, as partners, as Jedi It isn't much of a trick, Magus'.

It was not long before both finally hit their respective limits and they felt their orgasms hit them at the same time, and like before, their Force Bond served to amplify their orgasms as they felt their pleasure hit them right to the core of their minds and bodies.

However, just as he was about to sleep, Revan had a thought that made him smile a bit in a very naughty fashion. Heidi montag nude pics. The nervousness she felt faded slightly at the answer, opting to better focus on feeling good with the man she had known for so long.

Terms of Use Violations: Whether out of duty for the Republic, her dedication to the compassion of Jedi…or her love for him from so long ago, she saved him and was now bonded to him through the Force. Revan, stop it right now Revan could see the fear well up in her. You and Bastila already went through a lot so you deserve some time for yourselves, am I right?

She could feel Revan softening inside her before he finally slipped out, earning a flood of seed starting to empty itself from inside her. He also sent what one would call sweet images into her mind that made her rather embarrassed as ever before.

That strikes me as an odd way to hold a saberstaff. Kotor bastila nude. It depends on whaever convention you're following. Either continue or I'll make you! Bastila gave a pout to the man below her; that is, before an idea struck her. Topless girls perth. The Jedi Sentinel blushed deeply as she could tell that there was no lie in his Force Bond's voice and she couldn't help but feel the urge to show him everything so despite her ever increasing shyness she moved around slowly to make sure that she was doing it right.

Forgot your username or password? For now, this is the first of the KOTOR Romance stories and is something of a labour of love for me since it's one of the first stories that got me started in the fanfiction writing circuit.

You seem nervous Bas, what's up? And for now they were also in the celebrations…. Bastila slumped down onto Revan's chest, her head nestled into the crook of his neck as she struggled to regain her breath.

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I'm starting a Dark Female Revan nodded and drank his drink…and yet he was still at ill ease, he was not sure how to act as some of the Republic soldiers and officers gave him hard looks…he didn't blame them, after all they had every right to be angry towards him after all he had done.

Aside from the obvious criticism of Bastila's saber being green, the blade on Revan's saber looks kind of bad. OR Sign in with Pornhub. But the very very end, he's all of a sudden telling you he loves you.

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It's pretty cheap on Steam. Indian nude pussy girls. She disliked the idea of lying to him, even if she knew who he really was, but part of her was still in fear of whether his Dark Side past as the Dark Lord of the Sith would come back to the surface and endanger the galaxy, she was in fear of that happening for as long as she could remember.

Bastila walked over and stood between Revan's slightly outstretched legs as she lifted her right on and put it softly on Revan's crotch. Kotor bastila nude. As the three men looked at Revan, the Mandalorian took out a set of credit sticks and spoke out. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Bastila blushed at that as she then opened her eyes and replied. Revan gave her a confused look as he got off the bed and started to look for his robes. Nude on the mountain road. Tits or tires Wouldn't want to blow the secret that I still have my memories and that I bedded you. Jakal Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: I heard the news!

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